6 Points that’ll Help You Find and Pick the Best Dry Cleaning Service

How confident are you with your dry cleaning services? To choose the best dry cleaning service, you’ll need to identify these points and determine if your dry cleaner really qualifies for that status. Let’s focus on that!

Clearly, you’ve been a pro at everything. But, one day you discover your dry cleaning company hasn’t been too much of a help with regards to expectations. What would you do? Or, maybe you haven’t discovered the facts yet! Use the following checklist to discover.

  1. Spot and stain check

The best dry cleaning service has a checklist of inspection, starting with spot and stain check to further treat them at the time of cleaning. Does your dry cleaner do that? If yes, you know they’re right. Just ask them!

  1. Button or thread repair

Your dry cleaner must identify the garment’s loose buttons and threads to mark and repair without any additional charges. It should be an exercise encompassing all elements important of clothing.

  1. Read instructions carefully

Does your dry cleaner say they know everything and don’t need to check labels when you ask them to? Red alert! You must reprimand them from cleaning your garments and come straight to cleaning professionals who acknowledge the importance of label instructions.

  1. Personal touch

Is your clothing hand-finished and pressed by a specialist? Or, is it left to address by the machinery alone? Your dry cleaning company must check garments for stains, wrinkles, creases, etc.

  1. Packing & services

Once cleaned up, these delicate items need to get a perfect packing to retain their shape and not develop wrinkles. These are then racked up properly for delivery. Business professional dry cleaning services handle to bring them in a ready-to-wear condition.

  1. Feedback & reviews

Let’s say if your dry cleaner doesn’t functions like any of the above yet how do they respond to your feedback asking for this? You can check on them and see later to verify this.


Does Full Service Dry Cleaning Actually Damage Clothing?

We had to have this conversation for a while! Clothes have shrunk, stained, damaged and whatnot when we try keeping them ‘just clean as before’ yet circumstances led them to otherwise. Full service dry cleaning is actually helpful in preventing damage to your oil-stained or seriously greased clothing. Let’s debunk some myths around dry cleaning here.

  1. #Myth: Clothes shouldn’t get dry cleaned all the time.

“Hunting up and down to find the best full service dry cleaning professionals is worth it, but you shouldn’t get it done more often!” – Well, you must have heard those commentaries quite frequently. However, the truth is if you don’t clean your clothing after even one wearing, the ammonia in your sweat slowly damages the item. Stained garments tend to damage and you must get it to the professional dry cleaners for cleaning rather than leaving it in the closet for a long period.

  1. #Myth: Home washes are way safer than dry clean.

If you are washing your clothes regularly, it’s a great thing. The only difference you can find in a few days is that those fabrics losing out color and fading too quickly. On the other hand, dry cleaning solvent helps preserve those colors. You’ll get your clothes cleaned, pressed and delivered right on-time by the dry cleaners.

  1. #Myth: Dry clean leaves a bad smell in clothes.

“If you ran to a dry cleaner for same day dry cleaning, you’ll end up with bad smelling clothes at the end of the day.” It would be a totally untrue statement without verifying the facts. Any individual rushing to a poor dry cleaning company is bound to experience that, especially to those who don’t know dry cleaning at all! Pick professionals for same day dry cleaning and you’ll learn that these services are excellent to the core.