When Should I Visit A Dry Cleaning Service?

Every single time! Well, if you have no time for cleaning your clothes, you should. Moreover, the dry cleaning professionals will wait for their customers with bated breath, which is business to them.

Often dry cleaning professionals recommend methods to maintain different pieces of clothing. However, only a small percentage of people carry those thoughts forward and apply. Before you want to visit a Kansas dry cleaning service, you should check for the following.

• If the label says so. The Care Label instructions set the ball rolling. The must dry-clean-only clothes should see the face of a dry cleaning professional.
• Specific garments or materials. Silk, Taffeta, Acetate, Velvet, fabric blends like wool, rayon, and silk are usually dry cleaned for preserving their quality. Unless the care label says differently, you must take these garments for dry cleaning.
• Set-in stains or dried stains. Stains can get stubborn if you leave them for a long while. We don’t recommend you wait a long time or pre-treat them at home. The dry cleaners are specialized to handle these situations effectively.
• Delicate dresses or pieces of clothing. Wedding gowns with embellishments, sequins, or any other garment with delicate elements requires professional dry cleaning. Giving them a try at home is a bad idea.
• Suits or Tuxedo. Usually, it depends on the person who wears it. If someone doesn’t get to wear them often, then chances are high that they need to get deodorized and aerated.

Before dropping by at the nearest Wichita laundry service, you should find out more 2-3 professional companies for dry cleaning.


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